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Martin Lewis PPI

Martin Lewis PPI

martin money tipsIt was infact origionally Martin Lewis who fought Banks and Lenders against the unfair sales tactics of PPI. For years Payment Protection Insurance had been sold to customers who didnt need it, did not qualify for it and simply didnt know this had been added to their loan. The cost of Payment Protection is very expensive which is why sales staff often tried to hide the fact that they were including it or adding it to your loan. Not only that but becouse it was added to the loan huge amounts of interest began to be incurred. Martin Lewis exposed these practices and pushed the big banks all the way to court who eventually ruled that indeed this was unfair and customers should be refunded. Now Martin explains how to go about claiming refunds. Since as he was the one to expose and campaign for this in the first place there is nobody better placed to explain this.


To claim back your PPI click here

Martins Money Tips

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